Testimonials for Zu Peters

Testimonials for Zu Peters “Meeting Me” and “Accepting and Trusting Myself” Programs

“I have been a participant in both of Zu Peters’ programs “Meeting Me” and “Accepting and Trusting Myself”. I have done many personal development programs over the years and I have to say that these classes are among the very best. The value lies in the practicality of the tools presented; focusing on observing oneself in real life situations, with enough time between introduction of new concepts such that they sink in. Observing oneself in drama situations, addressing fears, and acknowledging sub personalities are examples of the work done. Zu holds a safe and gentle space in weekly class and deep self exploration is possible. Participants act as mirrors for one another. My life is changing; and I am confident it is lasting and permanent. These programs take emotional and spiritual intelligence to a whole new level.”

 “Going through the ‘Meeting Me’ program has had an immense impact on my life. With the guidance, wisdom and intuition of Zu, I have discovered my brilliant self. I now ‘play’ on a much bigger ‘stage’ in life. Thank you, Zu”

“Zu Peters has a gift for creating safety in the room.  As a personal counsellor as well as in a group setting. A leader in her field she is a student of life.  A teacher who follows her heart and stays tuned into the pulse of the group.  Open to shift directions midstream or repeat the lesson another week when sensing the necessity.  I have enjoyed stretching myself past my perceived safety boundaries in both the “Meeting Me”  & “Accepting and Trusting Myself” groups.  I am very much looking forward to her next group.”

“Meeting Me” was an opportunity to explore the inner workings of my being; to discover, through innovative insight, who I am; and by contrast, who I can be. Zu has developed a program to facilitate inner exploration that sheds light on how our physical, emotional and spiritual development have led us to where we are, with all our sub-personalities. It is a great opportunity for self-reflection and learning new ways to interact.