Meeting Me

This is a 2.5 day weekend which will unfold processes to reveal the question:

Who am I?

You meet people all the time, but have you really consciously met yourself?
Are you making decisions in your life – eg. Your job, your friends, your activities, your partners, etc. based on the full knowledge of who you are, or on an outdated image, an unquestioned habit and understanding of yourself, or based on untrue low grade fears?

You may believe you know yourself and give answers and make decisions based on that understanding of yourself. What if that understanding is not the full truth of who you are, but is more a “costume” given by others to you. Or you have given yourself that limiting “costume” and fit into that costume your entire life?

What if your understanding of yourself is based on past traumatic experiences that you are trying to forget or cope with, and you are creating realities on the current moment based on the past, which may still seem very real and threatening in the present moment?

If any of the above piques your curiosity about yourself, I invite you to attend this 2.5 day weekend workshop.

It is based on cognitive and experiential learning with a flair of mindfulness, a newly rediscovered method of attaining self awareness and self regulation very quickly and effectively. You will be learning and practising with tools that will improve your life and relationships if you are willing to apply them.