“Forgiveness” is a half day course (a Saturday), followed by three follow up evenings (Mondays)

Forgiveness is a crucial process which is so vital in creating freedom of our emotional, physical and spiritual self. Yet many of us struggle with it and carry this burden of unforgiveness every moment of our lives without even being aware of it. Unfortunately, this unforgiving spirit shows up in how we treat ourselves and the important people in our lives.

Imagine someone who has done you wrong and towards whom you harbour unforgiveness. How would you behave towards them?

Now imagine that someone is you! How do you behave towards that part of yourself you have not forgiven?

The biggest blind spot in this process is often, the unforgiveness we have towards ourselves. The struggle to forgive ourselves quite easily translates into our inability to forgive others.

This program is based on experiential learning, and a deep understanding of forgiveness. It utilizes the principles of mindfulness, transpersonal psychology and existential therapy.