About Zu Peters

I have been a keen student, observer and connector to life and people for over 50 years. After about 11 years of working through a personal growth and counselling company, I obtained a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, now known as Sofia University (Palo Alto, California). I am a trained EMDR counsellor, a Certified EAP counsellor and am approved by the Ministry of Justice, Victim Services.

This formal education serves to enhance and make more sense of what I have been learning and observing throughout my life. During my life’s long journey, I have lived on three continents. I speak three languages (English, German and Malay) and consider myself multiculturally adept.

My intention in my practice is to hold the space for my clients to be fully listened to, to explore, observe, contemplate, argue, realize, relax, feel and find clarity on whatever comes up for them. This exploration takes place in a safe and mutually reflective environment in the fulfilment of each client’s very own unique goals and in his/her own unique ways.

I love working with people. I find it rewarding to work with individuals, couples and family, both in growth/emotionally nurturing situations and in transcending challenging situations. I love facilitating group work which utilizes the mirroring of our human traits in a dynamic, often miraculous process of experiential learning and awareness.

Having attended a graduate school with a leaning towards transpersonal psychology, I focus on the concept of achieving the highest human potential and love to explore with you how a current challenge may be leading and liberating you towards your own deeper awareness and higher potential.