Counselling and personal growth services in Kelowna, B.C.
Zu Peters is a Registered Clinical counsellor with an MA in Counselling Psychology

Through my practice, 2 Apples a Day, I  provide counselling and personal growth services to individuals, couples, families as well as group psychotherapy in Kelowna. I also offer mediation services to couples in the separation/divorce process.

Counselling is mostly through face to face sessions. To accommodate out-of-area clients, phone or skype services are available. I provide services in English, Malay and German.

Counselling, personal growth and awareness go hand in hand for me. Besides doing individual, couples and family counselling, I facilitate personal growth and awareness programs which I consider important emotion and spirit enhancing work.

This vital work represents “the second apple” in the name I chose for my business. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”…and the second apple nurtures your emotional health, thereby keeping the emotional and psychological stresses at a healthy level.

I believe that regular awareness and personal growth and development work through attending workshops/retreats, counselling sessions, reading great and transformative books and continuous commitment to yourself and your relationships is an investment in your emotional and spiritual health.

What does a second apple look like for you?